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Read before hitting submit on your next post

Post by Matt » Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:31 pm

It's becoming a serious issue now with members continuing to insult or bring up other members in posts and my patience is wearing thin. I'm sure for the majority of others they're becoming sick of it too.

If you have issues with another member either ignore them or if you feel they've written something out of order report the post and move on, don't engage in discussions with them otherwise more and more people start getting involved which means me and other mods have to spend time cleaning up threads.

If you have an issue with how the forum is moderated contact either me, another admin or moderator and I'm sure we'll be happy to listen to any questions you have.

If a user has been removed from the forum it has happened for a reason. When it comes to banning accounts permanently they're issued very rarely. In all the years the forum has been running the banned account list sits at 46 users - over half of them are spam accounts too which were banned rather than deleted.

For the most part I've always taken a pretty much hands off approach (though I'm sure some would disagree) - stepping in when it's needed and trying to maintain discussions that stay on topic and cleaning up posts when users decide to argue between each other. I'd prefer to keep it this way however it's up to all users to post their views in a way that's suitable for all.

I'll also say for any user who has been banned contact me or another admin if you wish to engage in discussions on how to have your account reactivated.

Before you hit submit on that next post think about if it's going to cause issues - if so don't post it otherwise actions will be taken against your account.
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