COVID Factors

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COVID Factors

Post by tykeneil » Mon Aug 31, 2020 6:04 pm

I think it is worth mentioning the (unknown) COVID factors may be having on season/matches

Catalan - travelling issues (in/out) and preparation - may even up when back in home/France
Home advantage - Leeds/Sts/Wire playing on their home ground
Last minute fixture changes/amendments (we know about that)
COVID lockdown - are Hull busting a gut ready to get back
Isolated players - Wakefield getting key players unavailable (no fault of their own)
Injuries - have Warrington/Sts got that many
Lack Luck - Warrington can do no wrong and seem golden boys
Bending the "new" rules - learn as you go what you can get away with (see above etc)
Decisions in games

I will add that we were poor against Catalans/Wigan though

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