Challenge Cup Semi Final results

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Challenge Cup Semi Final results

Post by spud71 » Tue Aug 25, 2015 8:38 pm

Sorry for this only coming on this week unfortunatly im in pots on both hands making it hard to do thing so i will be catching up as soon as possible so apologies for the delays

Challenge cup Semi Final Results

Leeds 24 v 14 St Helens
BQ: First Leeds try scorer: Hardacher
BQ: Last STH try scorer: Percivel
BQ: MOM : Sinfield

Warrington 18 v 26 Hull KR
BQ: First team to score in the 2nd half: Hull KR
BQ: Last team to score in the 1st half: Hull KR
BQ: MOM: Mantellato

Tie-breaker: Attendance @ Leeds v STH - 11,107

Corsa - 7 v 5 - Frumper27
The Machine - 5 v 5 - Smartytiger - Machine goes throw on attendance.

(People in RED are threw to final)

Goodluck in the final Corsa and The Machine :clap:

members of the baldie brigade !!!

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